SYZYGY2: The Beast From Above


Day 0030

  • Met Tom who owns the forge
  • Jackson own the bar
  • Steven is the local tailor
  • During week in camp AI’s built themselves new bodies
  • Everyone else worked on repairing the wall
  • One of Sheena’s men, Leo, picked up Judi who was prostituting
  • Following day Leo tries to pick up Judi again.
    • Leo is kicked from bar by Jackson, waits outside
    • At closing Leo and men jump Jackson and shoot him
    • Fight ensues and Sheena’s men, including Leo, are killed
    • Learn that Jackson is a psychic
  • Rockstar shows up pissed
    • Learned that Rockstar was Sheena’s second in command
  • Rockstar did not speak with us for the rest of our stay
  • Throughout week Sheena made an appearance to the difference groups
  • On his way into town Hotdog’s vehicle was damaged
    • Despite efforts to repair his truck as quickly as possible Sheena shot out his tire at Tom’s



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