SYZYGY2: The Beast From Above

Fuck Face

Day 0038-0039

  • Immediately after awesome fight group was wrecked in second fight
  • Encountered a man in a crashed ship named Sinner directly disobeying orders not to engage
    • First of many Titan’s encountered
  • Teller expresses his annoyance of us engaging with Sinner
  • Spoke with Turtle, the merchant at the warehouse, who was happy that we called Sinner a fuck face. Provided more information about the Titans
  • That night a psychic assassin known as ‘The Doctor’ tried to take out Toaster
    • He was startled by the slamming of Toaster’s door and missed his shot.
  • These events lead to Teller learning of Sheena’s organization within the city.
  • He orders the group to eliminate Sheena and her group at all cost
  • The group spends the next day preparing for the mission



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