SYZYGY2: The Beast From Above

At All Cost
Day 0040
  • Drove over to the camp with Hotdog
  • Met with Rockstar who was not happy about the situation
  • While organizing a plan noticed a suit hanging around outside the house
  • Rockstar step out to confront the man and was sniped
  • All hell breaks loose as cover fire it provided while people run out to try and recover Rockstar’s body for resurrection.
  • Plans changed with the arrive of Sheena in her Psych Mech.
    • With their combined efforts A-10 and Ayla planted a [lancer explosive] on her mech causing a large explosion and resulting in it’s destruction.
Fuck Face
Day 0038-0039
  • Immediately after awesome fight group was wrecked in second fight
  • Encountered a man in a crashed ship named Sinner directly disobeying orders not to engage
    • First of many Titan’s encountered
  • Teller expresses his annoyance of us engaging with Sinner
  • Spoke with Turtle, the merchant at the warehouse, who was happy that we called Sinner a fuck face. Provided more information about the Titans
  • That night a psychic assassin known as ‘The Doctor’ tried to take out Toaster
    • He was startled by the slamming of Toaster’s door and missed his shot.
  • These events lead to Teller learning of Sheena’s organization within the city.
  • He orders the group to eliminate Sheena and her group at all cost
  • The group spends the next day preparing for the mission
Blood on the Rails
Day 0038
  • Fight with Sheena ensued at Tom’s forge.
    • Learned Sheena is a psychic
    • Also has access to biopsionics
  • After almost dying Sheena retreated, group contacted Rockstar who was furious.
  • Group returned to the outpost met with command the next day
  • Outpost meeting the next day about changes
  • Hotdog assigned to as commander to squad
  • Within first 30 minutes of first patrol killed two spiders
    • One in good enough shade to install an AI core in with work
    • 8.5 more hours to go
Day 0030
  • Met Tom who owns the forge
  • Jackson own the bar
  • Steven is the local tailor
  • During week in camp AI’s built themselves new bodies
  • Everyone else worked on repairing the wall
  • One of Sheena’s men, Leo, picked up Judi who was prostituting
  • Following day Leo tries to pick up Judi again.
    • Leo is kicked from bar by Jackson, waits outside
    • At closing Leo and men jump Jackson and shoot him
    • Fight ensues and Sheena’s men, including Leo, are killed
    • Learn that Jackson is a psychic
  • Rockstar shows up pissed
    • Learned that Rockstar was Sheena’s second in command
  • Rockstar did not speak with us for the rest of our stay
  • Throughout week Sheena made an appearance to the difference groups
  • On his way into town Hotdog’s vehicle was damaged
    • Despite efforts to repair his truck as quickly as possible Sheena shot out his tire at Tom’s

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